Tuesday, 11 October 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons... Make Lemonade, or - I can still be successful even though I'm sick!

When you live with chronic illness, especially when first diagnosed, it's hard to imagine how you can cope financially.  Sometimes it's like life has pulled the rug from under you and you can be enveloped by a sense that you are not only unwell, but you are a burden, physically and financially, to your nearest and dearest.  These feelings only exacerbate if your illness means that you can no longer work in a regular capacity.

I felt like this for years, I survived on a government subsidy, trying to pay a mortgage as a single parent (which is an area where I believe sole parents are discriminated against, but that's for another post) and had to leave a job I loved.  Feelings of hopelessness swamped me many, many times. I struggled every single day, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and relying on my very generous parents to keep us off the streets, quite literally.

It wasn't that I didn't have the ideas to make money, but you generally need to have some funds to get you started, and that's a trap for so many.

Before I go any further, I want to reassure you that I am not trying to sell anything to you or coerce anyone in any way, I just want to share MY story which can hopefully inspire others to do something similar.  I decided to take a plunge, I decided that I would join a direct sales company, in my case Scentsy.

The reason I chose Scentsy is because I LOVE anything that smells amazing, I'm quite literally a perfume addict - something I couldn't afford for the longest time - and so choosing something that I loved meant that it would be much easier for me to sell.  But, I looked further than that, I looked at the team building side of it because I'm very aware that building a team can mean income for life, so I thought, why not?  I grew a team quite rapidly and within 12 months I'd well and truly replaced any income I'd ever earned.  I'm living proof that it can be done, even with a whole gamut of illnesses.

When I've told my story to others they often say things like "Oh but I couldn't do that as I have (insert chronic illness here)" and I hope that I can inspire them in some small way when they know what I am dealing with.  It's a total mouthful and a bit of a head#%$ to get your mind around it all, but I have Dysautonomia which encompasses many things... think of Dys as disfunction, and autonomia as things that happen automatically, now put them together.  I tell people to imagine a switchboard (for ease of understanding, imagine it in the nerve centre of my brain).  Now imagine a whole heap of switches that govern certain 'autonomic' systems within the body such as heat regulation, heart/blood pressure regulation, digestion, allergic responses, etc., etc., etc., and now imagine that those switches are faulty; sometimes they turn off, sometimes they switch on and stick on, sometimes they flip between the two at rapid pace. In a healthy body they work naturally and switch on and off when they should, yeah, but not mine.  So that's the first part - Dysautonomia.

Dysautonomia is is also kind of like an umbrella which I described in another post, and part of what that umbrella consists of means that I also have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder that causes me to bruise and dislocate joints really easy, and that my veins are stretchy and makes my heart rate and blood pressure go all over the place... if I squat for example, when I stand up my stretchy veins just enlarge and keep all the blood in my lower extremities and make my poor old ticker work double-time to pump the blood back up - sometimes it's not fast enough and I pass out, this also happens when I'm under fluorescent lighting as my mast cells think I'm being attacked by the big, scary lights and release an overload of histamine which my body doesn't cope with.  My mast cells also cause me to wake up looking like the Elephant Man sometimes when I have angioedema with no known trigger. These illnesses have so many complications and I can't possibly list them all here or risk boring you to death.

I also have Chiari, which quite blatantly means that my brain is coming out of my skull and sits against my spinal column (it's because the connective tissue disorder means that my brain is not being held in place like it should be) and that will require brain surgery at some point in the not too distant future.   I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR which means I can't metabolise LOADS of things, many drugs for pain relief etc., and therefore have a toxic overload in my body and just to top it off, I also have a genetic eye disease called Bietti's Crystalline Dystrophy in which most people are blind by the time they are in their 50s or 60s and I already have a number of the symptoms showing. Just to round it all out, these illnesses combined cause constant and debilitating pain in all parts of my body, extreme tiredness and, at times, depression. Oh and I also have Aspergers - I sure did hit the genetic jackpot! LOL! So, when someone says they can't do it, that's just what they are telling themselves, because if I can, ANYONE can.

Think of what you love, what inspires you, what you can do from home, or with little support from family members or close friends.  What could you do online?  There are so many things you can do, are you creative?

I recently started taking a two hour art class each week (when I'm well enough to attend) and I love it, friends were giving me great feedback on my work and so I decided to create bags with my art on them through a third party and sell them direct.  Many of my pieces are fully digital and I have literally created them on my laptop from a lounge chair. In my first week I've sold over 10.  Now sure this alone would never add up to a regular income, but it can grow, and it can certainly keep the wolf from the door.  I just wish I did this 4 or 5 years ago when I truly needed the money more than I do now.

There are many opportunities for employment online; you could do something like proof reading, creating resumes,  become a person friday for other people's social media presence, the list goes on, BUT I highly recommend looking into direct sales.  You have, in most cases, in-built support systems, an online presence, a personal website, and often groups of other consultants that you can connect with online (all of those things have been vital in my direct sales career, so before you join up, make sure they offer those) and also check what your personal requirements regarding sales may be, and one that you don't have to do in-home parties if you don't want to.

The way I run my Scentsy business (which works for me around my illness) is to keep it really simple and send out baskets of product (a basket party), run online parties, and have all team meetings and trainings on Facebook, etc., and the monthly (in our case three monthly) minimums are easily achievable, so it's something that anyone with a chronic illness can manage.

I was inspired to write this after a couple of comments made to me recently about how I had inspired people and that others in a similar situation could benefit from hearing about it, so if you are like me, or similar, or even if you're not - you CAN make delicious lemonade out of those lemons life gave you - you just have to try.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Life under the Dysumbrella

I am asked, pretty much on a daily basis, how I'm feeling, and/or what it is I have again.  It's not easy to describe, there's no one-name for what it is.  Even my autonomic specialist says that the labels or names given to this cluster of disorders is possibly going to be replaced when they realise what it is that connects them all.  But for now, it's a mouthful.  So how do I answer?  Well, when I'm asked how I'm feeling, most of the time I say "ok" or "good" because it's easier and also because it's what most people want to hear; sometimes I say "pretty crap" because, generally, that is how I'm feeling, but I would only say that to those who genuinely care about me.  Usually only my family hear about it when I'm feeling worse than pretty crap (and that's much more often than I care to admit). What do I say when people ask what it is I have?  This also depends less on how well I know a person and more on how much time I have.  I mean, if I say "I have Dysautonomia or POTS and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and also Chiari and Mast Cell Activation Disorder" they are going to have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about and also, it sounds like I have a whole lot of different things, when in fact, it's all connected... Do you see where my Doc is coming from now?

So I thought I'd try and put it in simple terms, not because the people I know wouldn't understand more complex explanations, but because the best way to describe a lot of what is going on is to use more basic terms and imagery.

So this is what I came up with... my body is just a bit broken, my veins are stretchy like balloons so when I stand up my blood doesn't naturally go back up to my heart and brain like in a body with regular, semi rigid veins, instead it pools and my veins just balloon to hold the blood in the lower pa
rt of my body. My heart has to compensate for the massive drop in blood pressure when I stand up, and it has to pump at a ridiculous rate to get it back up to where it's needed (meanwhile I have all kinds of symptoms like dizziness and vision problems and feeling like I'm going to pass out). To make matters worse, and frustrate the heck out of both me and my doctors is that my heart beats so fast sometimes that it lifts my blood pressure from very low to very high in a ridiculously short time - it overshoots, and then it can drop just as rapidly again. Ehlers Danlos is basically a connective tissue disease, which is why the veins are stretchy, why I drop things, why I bruise and sprain and dislocate easily (especially my ribs) and it's also why I have Chiari (my brain falling out) because my connective tissue doesn't hold my brain where it should be. All of these things combined make me feel pretty awful most of the time.  The autonomic nervous system doesn't work properly at all... that is why it's DYSautonomia. So all kinds of things that happen normally for other people, kind of switch on and off when they feel like it for me...  So picture your lungs, your lungs breathe for you without you needing to think about it (they do for me too, don't stress). Your nose brings in the air, the hairs in your nose filter it, and send it down to your lungs, your lungs inflate and further filter and absorb the oxygen and then send it back up and out of your mouth - it's a natural and automatic system. Our bodies are full of them, these autonomic systems - they control everything from breathing, heart rate, body temperature, bodily fluids, digestion etc., the list goes on.  So things such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Gastroparesis are disrupted operation (dysautonomia) of the digestion and output parts of our autonomic nervous system.  For example, I can eat most things (I very rarely feel hungry however as that 'switch' is obviously dodgy) and then all of a sudden something I can usually eat, makes me chronically nauseous or gives me heartburn.  I find once I get heartburn, I will have it for 2 or 3 weeks straight even if I consumed only water.  Then it switches off again.  I can have nausea for weeks on end, every day.  Same goes for the see-saw of constipation and diarrhea.  There is no rhyme or reason, no trigger, it's just dysautonomia of the digestive system.  That happens with all of the systems in the body - they all act up at times.  I find it easier to visualise a panel of switches that all connect to the various systems that are run by the autonomic nervous system.  Most people have a very proficient switchboard operator, I have a clown running mine, and he likes to cause trouble.

I have been plagued with 'allergies' all my life.  But unlike normal people (I use this term because it's easier than writing 'people with efficient autonomic nervous systems') my allergies are rarely consistent.  I can be terribly 'allergic' to apples for years, then all of a sudden I'm not.  I can be 'allergic' to things for a short time and then not.  It's stumped allergy specialists for years because many of my supposed 'allergies' have been extreme on their 'scratch' tests but the next time I have the same test I don't register an allergy, or it's barely a reaction.  It could be dangerous too, because what if I was REALLY allergic to something.  This happens because my Mast Cells think I'm being attacked so they send out lots of histamine.  The worst, and most consistent issue I have, is fluorescent lighting.  After being exposed to them for longer than 4 or 5 minutes my body starts to react.  I may get itchy, I might sweat, I may get dizzy.  Many, many times it escalated much further to actually feeling like I'm dying as my heart rate goes mental (>200bpm) and my blood pressure drops, my pupils dilate, I find it very hard to verbalise what's wrong, I get disoriented and find it hard to breathe and often faint.  This is in response to my mast cells releasing mega doses of histamine to head the attack of the assumed villain (fluorescents).  No idea why my body sees them as a threat, but it hates them. You have no idea how many times people have looked at me with absolute disdain, assuming I'm a junkie.  I'm also exhausted and wiped out for hours or days afterwards.  I'm often 'rashy' as I'll get urticaria break outs for no apparent reason.

My Chiari and subsequent cerebro spinal fluid (CFS) blockage causes lots and LOTS of headaches, numbness, brain fog, sleeplessness, vision disturbance, hearing loss, etc.,  I will be having surgery for it at some stage in the not too distant future.  I'm putting it off as long as possible.

So that's basically it, I'm not proficient in medical terminology, I find it much easier to explain in these terms.  But trust me, its sucky.  I'm sure some of you that know me may have questions, you can always ask, I won't bite... but a few that I've been asked I'll answer here:

1. I thought you had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Yes, I do, I am chronically fatigued, however in my instance, it's not a title of my illness, it's the result of my combined illnesses and it was one of the earlier terms my doctors gave me because they had no idea of what they were dealing with.

2. I thought you had Fibromyalgia?

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 10 years ago and I'm not sure if it was a misdiagnosis or part of what I'm dealing with.  I certainly hurt >8 on all of the fibro points they use to diagnose it.

3. Is there a cure?

No, I wish, more than anything in the whole wide world, I wish I could just be 'normal' even for a day!

So, to wrap up I just want to say I'm not always sick, and I don't want to be seen as 'the sick' one.  Yes, I have a lot of pain and a lot of headaches and I'm often tired, but please don't stop inviting me places, even if I have to cancel at last minute.  It's incredibly isolating to live with something like this.  I don't want visitors as I spend far too much time between these four walls - I want to go out.  Please understand that it is very painful for me to drive.  Sometimes I drive because it's the only way, or to take the stress off my family driving me around.  But if you offer to drive, or pick me up, I'll be so grateful.  Holding my arms out in front, holding the wheel is very, very painful.  Washing my hair is agony, but it also hurts when I get it washed.  I have a super-sensitive scalp.  It feels like I've had my hair in a super-tight pony-tail most of the time.  But it's more about my arms.  For some reason, those of us with EDS/POTS have issues with the valsalva manoeuvre as it does something dicky to our heart rate and/or breathing and when we put our arms up, or lean back, etc., it hurts like blue-blazing hell. So yeah, driving sucks.  I'm sure I've left lots out, so I may edit this post as I remember things.  I'd also like to add some links when I get more time, but this is a little snapshot of my life under the dysumbrella (I invented that term because it kinda fits).

Monday, 20 April 2015

It's All in Your Genes!

For many years I've had an absolute passion for Family History and often get lost in the pages of Ancestry.com as I'm extending branches and adding leaves to my tree. To me, family is so much more than just those we were born to and raised alongside.  To me it is all of those who share ancestors and the further you go back, the more people that entails.  I met one of my cousins - who went on to become one of my closest friends - via ancestry.com a few years back and last year we got to spend a couple of weeks together in the USA and she IS my family even though we are fifth cousins - there is a connection that is stronger than merely friendship, it's a kinship if you will - a shared history - we share blood and DNA from our forebears and that unites us.

In my quest to collect a few more cousins, I decided to take the next step that any Genealogy Junkie may embark on and that is to get my DNA sample assessed.  I sent off for a kit to 23andme and waited eagerly for the delivery.  It was a simple test that collected a vial of my spit and then after posting it back - an agonising four week wait (which I am NOT good at) - to have the first of my results published on my account.  When you join 23andme there are lots of questionnaires and surveys which help them to gather information to do with health complaints and genetics - it's just incredible.

So far, in the space of just a few weeks, I've connected with a number of cousins across the world. Many of them have very little connection to their biological families as they were adopted.  I enjoy helping them to try and find a little more information about their family of birth, even if that is many generations back.  I'm just so very grateful that my Aunt and other cousins had paved the way for me to take our tree to the next level and end up with almost 5000 ancestors on it - it's proving to be very helpful in matching me with DNA cousins.

The ancestral connections is what first drew me to order that kit from 23andme but it's actually proved to be incredibly beneficial in ways I wasn't yet aware of.  The raw genetic data is available for you to download and there are so many incredible sites and applications across the web that have helped me to understand my rather complex health conditions.  The first thing I did was upload my raw data to promethease.com so that I could search for a number of genetic mutations as I knew that a couple of my illnesses were linked to particular mutations and wanted to see for myself.  Yep, I had those mutations which I found fascinating.  I played around on this site for a couple of days - fascinated at what my DNA could tell me - from my raw data someone could give a basic description of my physical appearance; blonde, skin that tans and doesn't freckle, light blue eyes, taller than average and a propensity to be overweight :D  I found the forums on 23andme to be pretty useful too and that led me to find livewello.com which for a small fee (don't remember but cheaper than a visit to the GP who rarely offers any insight) I was able to upload my raw data and run it through their protocols which checks for particular diseases and pulls up a list of your mutations and a little explanation of it all.  There are also a number of pre-written variance reports for particular diseases that you can run data through and it will bring up any polymorphisms and show whether you are heterozygous or homozygous to any of the markers.  I've had a lot of confirmation from this site - stuff I've known and other stuff I've suspected - now to tell my Doctors :D

Sometime during all this I was contacted by a cousin from the USA and through chatting discovered that we share a lot of these weird health disorders and she was able to direct me to nutrahacker.com which has probably been the most beneficial.  I ordered two reports which cost me $US50 and well worth it.  Once again, you upload your raw data, the program does it's magic and in a few short minutes you get a whole lot of information.  This one offers a list of genetic diseases that you are checked against to see if you're homozygous (likely to have or develop this disease) or heterozygous (a carrier) and I found out I'm a carrier of hemochromatosis.  So, now it's time to check the kids DNA to make sure none of them are homozygous.  My parents and sister have all sent their DNA tests off which will also narrow down where I've inherited that gene from so that I can alert the rest of the family on whichever side it comes from.  I also got a toxicology report from Nutrahacker which told me which foods and supplements I should avoid (which contained a number of things I'd worked out I should avoid anyhow - and a lot more) and also a list of things that I should include in my diet and supplementary needs.  I am so glad I found this website!

But back to the main reason I first sent off for that DNA kit - ancestry...  I was linked by another of my new cousins to Gedmatch.com where you - yep, you guessed it - upload your raw data.  But wait, there's more!  You also upload your gedcom!  For those of you unversed in genealogy speak - that's your downloaded family tree.  A gedcom is a universal file type so no matter where you store it you should be able to download and upload it all over the place...  Gedmatch then matches you both genetically and via your gedcom AND they have all sorts of fun stuff as well, such as the opportunity to run your DNA against Ancient Human Remains DNA - and I'm related to some woman who lived in Hungary 5, 300 years ago as well as some from Sweden, Germany, Russia and the UK :)  I also have 3% neanderthal DNA - go figure! There's a little thing where you run your DNA through an eye-colour match thing and it showed an image so similar to my eye it was scary!

All in all, I kind of feel like I'm being sucked into a rabbit hole - but that's ok as I have a 'warrior' gene apparently so will be ably equipped to fight off any half-crazed cousins or the like.  I have an addictive nature (yep, shows in my chart) along with a propensity to ASD and that in itself makes me a person who becomes rather fixated on something. I also got two copies of the intelligence gene, but I've probably already told you that ;)

Anyhow, enough blogging - I have charts to upload and new cousins to discover!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Scentsy Australia has Launched!

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy is a direct selling company that offers fragrances for your home, personal care, and every day life through a variety of quality products.  Offering the unique opportunity for you to set your own hours and build your own business through home parties, events and shows, and fundraisers, Scentsy offers authentic products that you will be proud to represent.

Scentsy's mission statement is - "To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses, and Inspire the Soul."

On the 2nd of September Scentsy launched in Australia.  Have you ever wanted to work from home? Are you looking for some extra income? Wanting to meet more people and bring about a change in your life?  I invite you to look into Scentsy and promise that you won't be sorry!

Scentsy Australia Starter Kit (only $139 GST Inclusive + $13p&h)
Your Starter Kit includes everything you need to launch your Scentsy business: catalogues, brochures, demonstration products, and a full set of scent testers.

So you want to sell Scentsy?

Are you ready for a career change?  Are you ready to take charge and choose the hours and your level commitment and realise your dreams?  When you join Scentsy, you have the opportunity to shape your future, determine your income level, and share products you believe in.

Here are just a few benefits of becoming a Scentsy Australia Consultant:

Flexible Hours

With Scentsy, you set your own schedule.  Work as little or as much as you want, and when you want, so you can spend life's important moments with family and friends.

Great Income and Fabulous Incentives

You will start off on a 20% but as soon as you've sold your first $1000 in personal retail volume you will jump to 25% percent commission on your own sales AND receive bonuses as you build your team, plus awards and incentives for sales and sponsoring achievements.  The easy-to-understand compensation plan helps you to determine your monthly income at a glance.

Simple to Join

When you join Scentsy, you will receive a Starter Kit with everything you need to hold your first party and launch your business.  There is no need to pre-purchase inventory; Scentsy ships orders directly to you, your party Hosts, and your customers.  Qualifying party orders of $220 or more earn free shipping.  If a customer lives in another State or at a distance they can have their order shipped direct to them.

Be Part of a Team

When you join Scentsy, you join a family.  As your Sponsor, I am available to answer questions and to guide you along, every step of the way.  Our team members support each other by sharing sales suggestions, party ideas, and more.  Scentsy also host regular training calls and several live events each year to keep you up-to-date on the newest product lines and help you build your support network.

Are their any requirements to become a Scentsy representative?

Yes, as a Scentsy Consultant, you will be required to sell a minimum of 150 personal retail volume every three months, but that's it (and that's so simple)!

So what do I get to enable me to be a Scentsy Consultant?

Each Scentsy Consultant will receive a Scentsy Australia Starter Kit that will contain business materials, marketing materials, and products so you can successfully launch your business.  Each Scentsy Consultant will also receive a free website for three months which you can then maintain at a low cost to continue to build your business.

Are there Scentsy Catalogues?

Yes!  There are beautiful full colour catalogues that are released twice a year - one for Fall/Winter and one for Spring/Summer.  You get catalogues in your starter kit and you can also purchase extras at the Scentsy Family Store at any time.  All items and their details are available to view and purchase via our website - see mine here.

How Much Will I Earn?

The amount you can earn depends completely on how much time and energy you want to invest. Consultants make upwards of 20% percent commission on their own sales as well as additional bonuses on the sales of other Consultants they sponsor. Some of our Consultants opt to sell just enough for a little extra pocket money, while our Super Star Directors can make six-figure incomes per year.

Take a look at the below graph to give you a better idea of the compensation plan.

What other benefits does Scentsy offer to Consultants?

Every Scentsy Consultant gets a free website for three full months (and $13/month after that), a free online Workstation to organize and run their business, no inventory to manage, no credit card fees, and free shipping on qualified orders.  In other words a proportion of your sales will be online, which means you can sell without handling money or goods and still make commission.

I’m not really a salesperson. Can I still be good at this?

At Scentsy, it’s all about relationships, not hard sell tactics. If you enjoy socializing and sharing Scentsy Australia products with friends and family, you have all the qualifications you need to succeed.
In fact, the complete lack of sales pressure and the simplicity of our products are the main reasons so many Scentsy customers decide to become Consultants. They find themselves enjoying a party experience instead of having to sit through a typical sales presentation and suddenly realize, “Hey — I can do this!”

What are the advantages of direct selling?

The freedom of being your own boss, the flexibility to set your own schedule and work as many (or as few) hours as you choose, and the limitless potential for success are just a few of the reasons people take up direct selling. And anyone can do it! You don’t need a degree or a background in sales or a big chunk of start-up capital. Direct selling is an easy, enjoyable way to earn extra income.

Why should I join Scentsy instead of another direct selling company?

As a Scentsy Consultant, you'll have the opportunity to enrich lives through amazing fragrance. And as part of the Scentsy Family, you'll also have the option of enrolling in other Scentsy brands, such as Grace Adele, all while building one team to support your efforts.  As a Scentsy Australia Consultant you can build your team in any region Scentsy operates in.  You can even build an international team as you sponsor consultants from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Poland, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Scentsy is an active member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), an industry organization founded to promote and uphold the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers. Our affiliation with the DSA means you can be confident about doing business with a trustworthy company.

What kind of support and training does Scentsy provide?

At Scentsy, Consultants are truly sponsored and mentored, not just recruited. Along with support from your Sponsor and your upline Director (your Sponsor’s Sponsor), you’ll get access to web-based training tools and an online forum for connecting with fellow Consultants. In addition, you will receive a Scentsy Family Consultant Guide, promotional products, and marketing tools in your Scentsy Australia Starter Kit.  Scentsy’s fully-staffed Consultant Support Department is available every weekday. We also hold an annual Scentsy Family Reunion and seasonal training and networking events.

Are there any scripts to memorize or a dress code for parties?

Definitely not! We do provide great training tools and advice on how to have a successful party, but the way you run your parties — and your business — is entirely up to you. From formal presentations to completely unstructured gatherings to one-on-one visits, the choice is yours. We intentionally keep our product line and pricing simple because that makes it easy for our Consultants to relax and be themselves.

OK! So I want to join up, how do I do it?

To join Scentsy you can visit my site to learn more or contact me to request additional information.  Feel free to connect with me on facebook too!

Learn more about the Scentsy opportunity and how to join Scentsy Australia

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